Youth League Schedule

2018 Schedule
download a pdf copy here

May 31st   Orientation – 7:00pm
June 7th    Shooting – 6:00pm
June 14th    Shooting – 6:00pm
June 21st    Shooting – 6:00pm
June 28th    Shooting – 6:00pm
July 5th    No Shooting
July 12th    No Shooting
July 19th    Shooting – 6:00pm
July 26th    Shooting – 6:00pm
August 2nd    Shooting – 6:00pm
August 9th    Shooting – 6:00pm
August 25th   Awards Night – 6:00pm

Of Note for the year:
There WILL NOT be shooting on the Thursday night the week of the Fourth of July.
There WILL NOT be shooting on Thursday July 12th.
There will still be 8 scores counted for the totals unless there are rainouts.
Due to the significant increase in shooters, we will be signing up for shooting times on the previous Thursday.

Orientation Night, May 31st at 7:00PM.
Brand new shooters to the league are highly encouraged to attend.

Any new or returning shooters that cannot make it to the Orientation Night, please be sure to check in at the desk your first night of shooting.  We need to make sure we get all your information so we can sort you into the right age groups.

Age Groups
All youth shooters will be competing against other shooters in their same age group.
These groups will be:
Under 12
12 and 13
14 and over

No Shooting Dates
There will be no shooting on July 5th

There will be no shooting on July 12th due to the Wisconsin State Shoot.