April 2019 ATA

The Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club
Saturday, April 20th

$480.00 Added Money

Event 1 - Classic 16 Yard 100 Targets

Entry Fee $25.00 
Daily Fees ATA $3.00 & WTA $3.00 $6.00*
Lewis Class (3) Divided 60-40 Ties Divide  $10.00 
Class Options – $5.00ea 50  $10.00 
Class Options – AA-A 1 Money Each Class  Ties Divide 
                           B-C-D    Split 60-40 Ties Divide 

High Gun – $40, High Each Class – $20
High Junior, Lady, Veteran (65, under 70), Sr Veteran (70 up) – $20

Event 2 - Classic Handicap 100 Targets

Entry Fee $25.00 
Daily Fees ATA $3.00 & WTA $3.00 $6.00*
Purse Divided 1 for 7 ATA pt system $10.00 
Lewis Class (3) Divided 60-40 Ties Divide  $10.00 
50 Options (3) – $5.00ea 50  $10.00 
25 Options (4) – $2.50ea 1money ea. Ties Divide $10.00
1st 50 Continuing Option $1.00 
2nd 50 Continuing Option $1.00

Champion – $75,  First Each Yardage Group – $35

Event 3 - Classic Doubles 100 Targets

Entry Fee $25.00 
Daily Fees ATA $3.00 & WTA $3.00 $6.00*
Lewis Class 1 for 7 Divided 60-40 Ties Divide $10.00 

First Each Class – $20

* Collected once daily

Handicap Yardage Groups
Group 1Under 22 yards
Group 222 and under 25 yards
Group 325, 26 and 27 yards
Singles Classification
 Class AA97% and over
 Class A94% and under 97%
 Class B91% and under 94%
 Class C88% and under 91%
 Class DUnder 88% 
 Doubles Classification
 Class AA92% and over
 Class A88% and under 92%
 Class B84% and under 88%
 Class CUnder 84%


Shoot Regulations and Notes

  • A.T.A. Rules will govern this shoot
  • Category shooters may shoot off for any place and fall back to a Single category. Limit one award per event.
  • Payoff for Saturday’s events will be paid in cash on Sunday. Payoff for Sunday’s events will be mailed.
  • All classifying will be done by the Handicap Committee
  • Shooters with less than 500 targets in each discipline will be placed in Class ‘B’ for 16 Yard and Doubles and at the 20 yard line (adult males) for Handicap
  • A.T.A. and W.T.A. Fees will be added to a shooter’s entry fee daily on the first event they shoot
  • Shoot-off winners will be determined by rounds of 25 targets in the 16 Yard and Handicap events and by 10 pairs in Doubles. H.O.A by 10 targets of each discipline
  • Shoot-offs for Saturday’s 16 Yard and Doubles events will be carried over to the following day’s events; Sub-event scores will determine winners
  • No entry will be accepted until shooter has entry card completed with Class and Yardage
  • No entry may be changed after the events start
  • Class ties and winners on Saturday will be moved up one class for Sunday’s events
  • Junior Class Shooters may shoot the entire program for $15 per 100 targets
  • Practice trap will be available at $4.50 per round of 25
  • Lunch, shells, and camping space will be available on the grounds
  • The Shooting Committee reserves the right to resquad shooters as necessary to maintain the harmony of the shoot
  • Shoot management reserves the right to alter, postpone or extend any part of this program due to inclement weather or other conditions
  • Shoot management may reject any entrant who may be interfering with the harmony of the shoot

The Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club has been authorized to hold a Registered Trapshoot on April 20th, 2019. All scores will be included in the official records.