2019 Handicap League Changes

Team Score Sheets

Starting this year, all team shooting score sheets must be turned into the front desk. To help with efficiency prior to submission, please count your tickets to verify all shooters are accounted for and paid. We would also like to move away from cash being submitted with the score sheets, so please help us out by purchasing shooting tickets prior to shooting. Books and individual tickets are available for sale at the front desk.

Shoot Ahead and Bank Score Cards

If you are going to be shooting ahead for a different week, or shooting a bank score, a shoot ahead or bank score card is required to be completed PRIOR to shooting. Additionally, if shooting with a team, the team score sheet is also required to be filled out correctly indicating what team and week your score is being used for; this information will also match the shoot ahead card.

The card will be given to the trap score keeper prior to you shooting. Once shooting is complete, the score keeper will mark the score on the card and the card will then be turned in by the score keeper, not the shooter. If you are shooting ahead on a squad and you have not properly indicated that your score is designated as a shoot ahead, it will not be valid and not included as a score for the league.

We’ve had complaints in the past about teams not recording shoot aheads properly or timely. It is your responsibility to property document your shoot aheads. If you’re shooting ahead, the score sheet and shoot ahead card need to be completed and submitted to the score keeper prior to shooting — NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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