Our Annual Club Meeting is scheduled on the second Monday of December every year. This year it was held on December 10th. Highlights of this year’s meeting include:

      Financials – Primary revenues were down about 6.0% when compared to last year. This was largely due to less loading supplies being sold as more people are purchasing box shells, less membership revenue due to the pistol/rifle range temporary closure, and less total rounds of trap shot due to a colder start to the year and one less ATA shoot.

Primary expenses were controlled with overall expenses down about 9.0% when compared to last year. This decrease was largely attributable to less repairs & maintenance expense, mainly due to the new storage shed built last years, less loading supplies being purchased as we are holding higher shell inventory, and less wages paid due to the lower volume of trap rounds. The lower expenses were offset by the purchase of a skid steer for $48,000.

Net income through 11/30/18 was negative at just over <$54,000> with the skid steer purchase making up the bulk of the loss. The loss was supported with cash balances which remain healthy at $125,000 at 11/30/18. We currently have no debt.

      Election of the Board of Directors – This year we had three Board Members terms come due:  Jason Berry, Ron Harper, and Ron Bowers. Ron Harper did not seek re-election of another term. Following nominations from the floor we had three people running for three spots on the Board –  Jason Berry, Ron Bowers, and Derek Prock were all elected for three-year terms.

We would like to thank Ron Harper for his 42+ years of service at the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club. His dedication and commitment will be missed on the board. We also would like to thank Derek Prock for his interest in volunteering and we welcome him to his new director role!!!

Officer Position Votes – officer positons will be voted on at the January 14th  board meeting.

Big Game Contest – Winners of this year’s contests and $25 each were:

Deer Gun – Rick Davis 
Deer Gun (Youth) – no entry
Grouse Tail – Fred Krause
Deer Bow – Aaron Anderson      
Turkey Beard – Dave Linderholm             
Pheasant Tail – Doug Becker            

Eau Claire Rod & Gun Club Foundation, Inc. – Treasurer Tamy Moss presented their financial statement through 12/8/2018. The Foundation awarded $5,500 in college scholarships in 2018. They also raised $2,600 during the year through their annual steak night event, foundation lunches, handicap league hotdog/brat nights, and memorial donations.

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