Handicap League First Half Winners

The results are in….

Tuesday night first half winners….
Chicken Chokers
Schulenberg Construction
Mad Mallards
Powder and Smoke
Young Guns
Trouble Shooers
Sammy’s Pizza
Donivan’s Vending
Resco and Geometric Tool are tied…Tie breaker will be Week 10

Wednesday night first half winners….
Milwaukee Burger Co.
Klevgaard Bookkeeping
Snap-On Tools
Nationwide Flooring
Smith’s Firewood
Swanson’s Flooring
Dirt Farmers
Surshots and TJ Electric are tied…Tie breaker will be Week 10
R&B Big Dogs and Earthblind are tied..Tie breaker will be Week 10
Phillips Plastics and Terman Engineering are tied….Tie break will be Week 11

Reminder that shoot off day is August 25th and we will see you all there!!

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