2018 League Results

Team, High Gun and Shoot off results from the 2018 Handicap and 16 Yard Leagues are available on the 2018 League Results Page.

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June ATA

The June ATA shoot is in the books.  It was a hot weekend, but everyone made it through. 

We even managed to wrap things up on Sunday before the monsoon hit.

There was even a couple passes by the Navy’s Blue Angles that only set off a couple of the voice releases.

Results are posted here.

Thanks to all the shooters that came out to help us celebrate Father’s Day weekend.  Also to all the helpers and our great trap kids that suffered through that heat.

The ATA season for the Club is finished.  Thanks to everyone that came out to our three shoots this year.  Hope to see you all again next year.

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Handicap League First Half Winners

The results are in….

Tuesday night first half winners….
Chicken Chokers
Schulenberg Construction
Mad Mallards
Powder and Smoke
Young Guns
Trouble Shooers
Sammy’s Pizza
Donivan’s Vending
Resco and Geometric Tool are tied…Tie breaker will be Week 10

Wednesday night first half winners….
Milwaukee Burger Co.
Klevgaard Bookkeeping
Snap-On Tools
Nationwide Flooring
Smith’s Firewood
Swanson’s Flooring
Dirt Farmers
Surshots and TJ Electric are tied…Tie breaker will be Week 10
R&B Big Dogs and Earthblind are tied..Tie breaker will be Week 10
Phillips Plastics and Terman Engineering are tied….Tie break will be Week 11

Reminder that shoot off day is August 25th and we will see you all there!!

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Handicap League Schedules

Handicap League schedules are now available online.  Thought that I had put them on the site before, but I was mistaken.

Tuesday Night Handicap League 2018

Wednesday Night Handicap League 2018

Got the Monday night schedule converted, finally.
2018 Monday 16 Yard League

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Rifle Range Closure

By now, all Eau Claire Rod and Gun members have received a mailer with a notification of the closure of the rifle and pistol range.

The decision by the Board of Directors was in response to an incident that happened on the afternoon of Friday, April 20th.  The Board has decided that the range will remain closed until a proper Range Safety program can be put in place.  The Board has just started working on this and has many details to work out.

In general, the Board has decided that the range will not be open unless under direct supervision of Certified Range Safety Officers.  While the Board recognizes that this will greatly reduce the amount of time that the range is open for members to use, it is the only way to ensure the safety of our members, neighbors and the Club in general.  Again, there are many more details to work out.

Due to the increased number of incidents and complaints in the recent years, a plan like this has been in the process.  The April 20th incident has just accelerated the plans.

The Board has also decided, that if any member wishes to cancel their membership to the Club due to closure and forthcoming procedural changes, they can come to the club house during shooting hours, turn in their membership card and we will send check refunding their dues.  Please keep in mind that any trapshooting league shooters are still required to have a membership to participate in the leagues and that when the rifle and pistol range does reopen, only members will be allowed to shoot.

If there are members out there that are Certified Range Safety Officers that would like to volunteer for the Club, please let us know. (bod@ecrodandgun.com) The more RSO’s we can get, the more the rifle and pistol range will be open.

Please keep checking back for more information as the Board and other volunteers begin to get the final plans in place for the future operation of the rifle and pistol ranges.

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April ATA Shoot

The weather is cooperating with us finally this weekend for the ATA shoot.  The sun’s out and a light breeze, and just a few snow drifts left over.

Check out the program here.

Check out the results here.

Saturday’s winners pictures.


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Handicap League Start Date Postponed

Due to some strange weather for the middle of April, we are being forced to push back the start of the Handicap league by one week.  

Despite the efforts by our volunteers, the snow accumulation over this last weekend’s snow storm has proven to be too much to get cleaned up in the little amount of time that we have. 

While we can get some of the trap ranges cleared, we cannot get all of them completely cleared of snow.

This was Trap 6 at about 5:00pm on Tuesday.

We will have revised schedules ready at the club and online soon.  The plan is to run the schedule that we had, just start it one week later.  Shoot Off day will remain the same.


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2018 Shooting Price Increase

Notice: Price Change

Attention Shooters

We have been notified by the target manufacturer of a price increase of $1.25 per case of targets.  The increase stems from an increase in their costs of raw materials that is being driven by the aluminum industry. This translates to a $0.25 increase per round of 25. This pushes the Club’s total cost of throwing a round of trap to the point that the Club would be losing money at the previous prices.

Effective April 9th, 2018:

  1. Sales of books of shooting tickets at a reduced rate will cease.
  2. Prices for rounds of trap will increase by $0.25 per round to $4.25 for adult, $2.50 for youth.
  3. Books of tickets will still be sold but at the full price of $42.50 and $25.00 per book of ten for adult and youth respectively.

This is not a decision that the Board of Directors took lightly.  No one wants to see costs rise on anything. In the end, the decision was that the Club could not afford to operate it’s largest revenue source at a loss while continuing to provide quality shooting experiences and facilities.

If there are any comments or questions regarding this change in pricing, please direct them to one of the Board of Directors.  Any one of them will be happy to answer questions and provide more detail on this issue. Please refrain from sharing any comments with either our trap help or with Heather.  They were not a part of the decision making process.

Jason Berry
Board of Directors, President

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Bob Webber’s Jefferson Award Commercial

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2018 Season is Here

The 2018 shooting season is here.  Sunday, February 4th (weather permitting) will be the first Sunday the club will be open for shooting.  Come on out Noon to 3:00pm to 4:00pm, depending on the number of people there, and get your membership, trap tickets and maybe a few rounds in.

The 2018 General Shooting Schedule should be ready soon.  Make sure to grab one when it is available at the club house.

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